Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pretty Good

I was on the phone for awhile yesterday morning trying to set up Jack's eye appointment. So Soraya picked up her phone and started making phone calls. She has been "on the phone" constantly since yesterday! She has her pink barbie phone and has had conversations with Granma, Mama, and daddy. With daddy she discusses school and not pee peeing in her panties. With Granma (my mom) she discusses how baby Jack is awake. And with Mama (Chad's mom) she discusses "playing toys" how papa is doing dishes. And she has told everyone about baby Marissa! Too cute. The funny thing is though that she still won't talk on the real phone! I'm sure she will some day.

Well, I'm not planning on much activity for the next few days. We already have a foot of snow and are getting 2-4 more inches today. Then FREEZING cold the rest of the week. Do you take your kids out in the freezing cold? If I pre-heat the car and just go to the YMCA so they are only going in and out once. What do you think? I still can't decide. Maybe we will just hybernate the rest of the week.

I've decided blogs are much more interesting with photos. So if I dont find one that goes with my post then will just pick a random one. Here is one with Mama.

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  1. I take my kids out pretty much in any weather, but I'm like that. :) A little cold isn't going to hurt them especially if you have them well bundled. In fact I think a little fresh air is good in almost any weather. But you have to do what you feel comfortable with.

    BTW I am extremely jealous of your easy night time training! We still have too many in diapers at night!