Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, time to get caught up with the blog. I tend to get a few days behind. We went to meet our new niece, Marissa, this past weekend. Soraya talked about her all week and was excited to give her some baby shampoo. But when we got there, she was much more excited about Marissa's toys, which I should have expected. Jack found her crib to be very exciting, as he wanted to look at all of her stuff instead of sleep :) But it was a nice visit and I was glad to finally get to meet her! The drive home was interesting. Jack cried off and on the last hour of the drive, and poor guy, we had to make two stops, which stretched things out even more. Soraya had to go potty, she now wears no diapers ever, so we had to stop at a gas station in Wadworth, about 20 minutes from home. I know what you are thinking...gas station...well we had her little potty seat that sits on big potty seats so I didn't think it would be too bad. So I go running in with toddler in one hand and a potty seat in the other and of course...there was someone already in the ladies room. I stand there for a second...knowing Jack is in the car screaming (poor guy) so I try the men's was empty..after a few seconds of hesitation we go in...i know not only gas station bathroom but now mens gas station bathroom! Soraya happily trots in and I yell "don't touch ANYTHING!" She goes, without a hitch, thankgoodness it was #1 and not #2! So we get back in the car and head on down the road and we had to then stop in Copley to pick up our milk (we get raw milk from a farm co-op that we have to pick up weekly). But Jack survivied, poor guy, you just wish he could understand why he was stuck in that seat for 3 hours and why no one picked him up even though he was crying. So we get home feed the kids, put them in bed and I hit the hay at 8! I was exhausted!

Jumping Jack wearing daddy's hat. This is his new favorite hang out spot :)

Mama Carol with baby Marissa

Close up of Baby Marissa

Soraya "swimming" in her "boat" while I tried to pack our bag for the weekend.

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