Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can you even call this sleep?

So, I'm up but not really awake. I don't even think you could call last night sleeping! Here is what happened:

10- I go to bed
11- Jack wakes to eat
2:30 - Raya wants her binkie, then her other binkie to hold, then her diaper changed
3- Jack wakes to eat
5:30- Jack wakes from rolling over. Pat him back to sleep
5:45- i get back in bed
6- Jack awake again, end up feeding him a bit to get him to back to sleep
6:15- Jack awake AGAIN, I send Chad in...his turn...
6:30- Jack still screaming, Chad gives up, I go in, feed him a bit more and pat him to sleep
7:30- Chad comes walking in with Raya, Jack is in his crib talking and Chad has to leave so I get up.

We were actually pretty lucky too because Soraya has been overtired since Christmas and waking at 6:30 every morning (instead of her usual 7:30 or 8, and that is also why she woke in the middle of the night). This is the first morning in 2 weeks she slept past 6:30! Yipee for the extra hour of sleep. I needed it after that night. (Chad thought I looked half asleep in this picture so I thought it was appropriate for this post :)

Then, as I groggily watched over the kids, in the first hour Soraya spilt a whole cup of milk, a full bowl of blueberries and burned her hand on the stove. Wonder what is in store for the rest of the day...

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  1. sounds like you had an eventful night and morning! is this the stuff i get to look forward to someday? lol. maybe i'm gonna wait alittle longer...
    hope your day got better!