Friday, January 30, 2009

Mrs. Independant - part 2

In my last Mrs. Independent post I explained how Soraya wants to put her shoes on by herself. Well, we have now moved on to picking out our clothes for the day. I shouldn't be surprised as for awhile now she has enjoyed standing on a stool in my closet, tapping her index finger to her chin saying "hmmmm, pick....pick." I wonder where she got that from? Did she possibly watch me try and decide what to wear one too many times :)

So we now have moved on to picking out our own clothes. Today she was adamant about wearing the same t-shirt from yesterday that had a sparkly BFF on it. Along with some navy blue sweatpants. I had to convince her that we could put a long sleeve shirt under the t-shirt and you could still see the sparkly BFF as it was too cold to just wear a t-shirt.

So here is a picture wearing her well thought out outfit. She is also wearing her puppy dog "pack pack"

1 comment:

  1. just make sure she doesn't wear those sweats when she leaves the house! :)