Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mrs. Independant

Well, I now have to give Soraya ample notice when we are going to leave the house. She wants to put her shoes on all by herself. It is interesting to observe the learning process of such a huge milestone for a toddler. She started practicing on Sunday. She found some of her summer shoes in her room and put them on by herself. However, that evening when we went to leave it took 15 minutes and 2 tantrums to get out the door. She now wants to do it by herself every time. However, she still can't get them on by herself half of the time. So she tries, lays down and screams. I ask if she wants help NO! I ask if she wants to try again NO! And she cries the some more. She kicks her foot up and the half on shoe flys off and hits her in the head. She cries some more. So I finally pursuade her to try again and sucess! She got it. But now we are wearing our summer shoes in the winter....no big deal. It was just her and I going to Jessie's house so I could carry her. Well, Chad calls later in the evening and Jack is crying because he is ready to be fed and put to bed. So I tell Soraya it is time to go and the tantrum starts all over again trying to get her shoes on by herself. Fifteen minutes later she is still crying and I know Jack is probably crying for Chad, so I convince her to carry her shoes. So it works and I get her out the door....this time it works...not sure about the next time...

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