Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting back in the groove

Well, after 2 weeks of bliss, I have to return to the daily grind. Chad had 2 weeks off off school and it was wonderful. We really enjoyed just spending a lot of time at home with the family- stress free! So it was great, the refreshing break we needed, now its back to the real world! It's quite the adjustment. I was getting pretty used to having his help to juggle the 2 kids. But we are getting back in the groove...figuring out how to hold jack while getting raya's pants down, sitting her on the potty, getting them back up, and lifting her up to the sink to wash her hands! Quite a tast to do 2-3 times per hour. Next up, taking the two to the grocery store...I really enjoyed only taking one or even getting to go by myself one time!

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