Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She did it!

Well, I think we've had a potty training breakthrough! Last night before bed Soraya wanted to wear her froggy panties to bed, since baby Jack wears diapers. So, we followed her lead and went for it...and she made! She was dry this morning when she woke up! So I think we are pretty much there. We have one potty trained little girl :) I know accidents will happen..that is expected...but she sure amazed me how quickly she caught on. She's worn panties to the grocery store and to church, so I think we are going to attempt the YMCA today. We'll see how it goes!

By the way...I kept trying to edit yesterday's post and wasn't able to...I meant to explain how every time she is "on the phone" she says pretty good...hence the name of the post. Wonder who she hears say that on the phone all the time??

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