Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Potty Training

Well, we just started potty training yesterday...again...we've probably tried 10 times now. This time Soraya had some Elmo panties to wear as inspiration, a Christmas present from Grandma Marj. That combined with a treat of 2 crackers and getting to watch a movie everytime she successfully goes on the potty. Well it is going great this time! No accidents today and she has been in panties all day! So all in all it's been very sucessfull. She even went #2 once :) (tmi??) Anyway, I never thought I would ever talk about pee pee and poo poo as much as I have the past 2 days! But hopefully we are well on our way to a potty trained little toddler. We are going to keep going strong as Chad is here to help until Sunday.


  1. I am SO thrilled with how well she is doing! We are on Day 4 and only 2 accidents total!!