Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A day in the life...

I always used to wonder what mom's did at home all day with there children. So I thought I would post a typical Ledley Household I say this Soraya is still sleeping and it is 9 am! But that isn't I will stick with what is...

7 am - Jack wakes up. We go downstairs where Chad is already studying and I turn on the Today show and feed him. Then he lays on the floor and talks to the Christmas tree while I sip coffee and watch the news.

8 am- Soraya wakes up. We get everyone dressed. Makes Beds. Eat Breakfast. And often do some laundry. If we are having a crockpot dinner, I make dinner.

9 am- Jack takes his first nap. Soraya watches 2 PBS Cartoons: Super Why and Clifford. I pay bills, make phone calls, check email/facebook, get everything around so when Jack wakes we can leave the house promptly

11 am- Jack wakes and eats and we normally go somewhere at this time. Typically: Monday-grocery store; Tuesday- YMCA, Wednesday- Library; Thursday-Raya goes to Willows or Willow comes here to play; Friday- Chiropractor

12:30- return home to eat lunch

1 pm- kids take naps and I take a break :)

3 pm- kids wake up and both have a snack.

3:30- Chad gets home from School. So he plays with the kids or if he has studying to do I will color, paint, read books, or play puzzles with Soraya.

4:30- Jack takes another nap. Chad plays with Soraya if he is done studying, if not Soraya will watch a movie and I start dinner

5:15- Jack wakes up. We eat dinner. Clean up dinner. Sometimes do a dual bath.

6:45- I feed Jack and put him to bed while Chad plays with Soraya

7:30- Chad reads books with Soraya and puts her to bed for the evening.

Chad then studies Sun- Wed nights. I go to bible studies on some Sundays and Tuesdays and have coffee with girlfriends som Wednesday nights.


  1. i literally LOLed at "jack talks to the christmas tree."

    k & i used to laugh when we talked about old people and how if they had one thing on their calendar (aka, a hair appointment or a dr appointment), then their calendar is considered "full." i must say the same becomes true of those with little ones! if we have one place to go on a given day, then it's a full day of going places!

  2. I know! Totally! Who would have ever thought that the grocery store would become our activity for the day! But unless you've taken one or two littles to the grocery store you have no idea how active it really is!!