Monday, December 15, 2008

My Job Description

As I colored with Soraya today for like half an hour I started thinking about my new job description. When we decided to start a family I agreed to take the time and effort to do all of the "little" things with the kids. I mean, who else is going to teach her to color? So now, as my day is full of coloring, painting, books and puzzles I just can't believe that this is it...this is what I do now. I used to work for the CEO of a large I don't even get out of my sweat pants some days! But, despite some frustraging days here and there...I am very happy with the decision I made 2 years ago. I can't imagine missing all of the firsts and new words and new activities that I have been able to witness. So...for now...this is my job description.


  1. Angela - I think it's wonderful! I wish I could afford to do that someday, but it's not realistic for me. But I think woman able to be a SAHM, are amazing!

  2. Thanks Brandie! It is encouraging to hear that! I have a love/hate relationship with it :) But wouldn't trade it for the world. And don't rule it out for you someday...I never thought we'd be able to make it but you figure out ways if it is what you both want!