Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bath Time Photos

Well, I supose if I'm going to claim to be a blogger I better do it atleast 2 days in a row :) Today was a busy day, like always. Chad had a lot of studying to do, which obviously goes better when the children are napping. So during Jack's first nap Soraya and I went to Home Depot (my stop) and Barnes & Nobles (her stop). She loves playing with the trains they have there and there are always a few other kids to play with. Today it was two young boys, she was intimidated at first but then just jumped right in and played with them. The dad was calling the youngest boy "dozer" short for bulldozer...that nickname really said a lot about his personality! We then went home, had Ben over for some Chili for lunch then it was naptime again! So when both kids went down for their naps, I went to Target to finish up my Christmas shopping. After dinner this evening we gave both kids baths at once. We took a lot of photos because we just hung up a picture frame in there that matched the bathroom great! But what other photos do you really want hanging in your bathroom? Kinda I decided kids in the bath was the best and cutest idea. And now Chad and Ben went to Blockbuster to get us a flick for the evening. It will probably be matcho...always is...I just can't get them to pick out a romantic comedy for once...and they wonder why I always fall asleep before its over!

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