Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So my kids seem to be opposite in everything! From teething symptoms to sleep needs to staying or leaving...they can't ever get it in sync! And one more thing to add to the list is dogs! Jack LOVES dogs! He was around my sisters dogs for a few days last month and ever since he squeals everytime he seees one! Soraya on the other hand is...well...scared of dogs. She got ran over by a huge st. bernard/lab mix. She was just minding her own business and this huge dog, Cody, started chasing another dog and just plowed right into her full steam. She had quite the black eye from her head hitting the concrete first. That was just a bit over a year ago. So at first she was deathly affraid of any and all dogs. Now she just starts out a bit jumpy and reserved around them, but is getting better every day. She really likes the idea of dogs though. Here is Jack checking out my sister's dogs at the Lake over the weekend.

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