Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jack's new eyes

He is looking good!!

Yesterday was a long day. We left home at 6:40 am to check in at the cleveland clinic by 8. We were called back to pre-op by 9. Met with the doc and anesthesiologist by 9:45 and Chad was carrying him back to the surgery room by 10:20. The doctor came out to tell us everything went as planned around 11:10 and we got to go back and see him by 11:30! It was so sad seeing him laying in his crib/hospital bed in his hospital gown. He was sleeping but his eyes were all swollen and kind of bloody. He woke up pretty quickly after we walked in and was pretty upset so I picked him up and held him for about 2 hours while he slept. At 1:30 he woke up and was finally ready to eat for the first time since 4 am. The nurse was about to send us home then he spiked a temp. His little face was so red. So she gave him a bit of motrin and it went down so we were safe to head home around 2:30. Little guy slept all the way home, we got there around 3:30. He then had to show off his eyes to grandma and grandpa wingfield before they left. He was then ready to eat and take another nap. He slept about 40 minutes then played pretty happily for about an hour until he was ready to go to bed. So he ate again and was in bed by 6 for the night! He woke up a few extra times during the night but still slept until 6:40 this morning. He has been acting pretty close to normal all day. Just a little extra fussy. Big thanks to Willow's mom for taking Soraya for a few hours today so that I can give Jack the extra attention he is wanting.

His eyes are looking better and better as the day goes! It is amazing how they have transformed. I just keep looking him over as he just looks so different to me!

Day of surgery

Morning the day after surgery

Afternoon the day after surgery


  1. Wow! So glad to hear everything went well! He's such a little trooper. I'd be throwing a fit for days. Can't wait to congratulate him in person.


  2. So happy it all went well! He sure is a cutie!