Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

Yesterday I took the kids to the Cleveland Natural Science Museum. We met up with a few other moms, there were 3 moms and 9 kids! I told Soraya first thing in the morning that we were going to go. I started prepping her because in order to go she had to take her nap an hour earlier than normal and I didn't want her to be scared of the huge dinosaurs. We've been scared of a lot of things lately. So I explained how we were going to go see really big dinosaur bones. She knew what dinosaurs were from the toys in Jack's room. Her first question was "they going to get me?" I said no, they dont move. They are stuck. "Oh, ok" she said. So she took her nap an hour early without hesitation. I had a hard time waking her up though. I rubbed her arm and took her binkie and she opened her eyes, grabbed her binkie and rolled over and put her blankie over her head. It was pretty cute. So I rubbed her leg and she turned over and looked at me and smiled and said "Hi mommy." So we were off to the museum. Only a 40 minute car ride. Jack napped and Soraya watched Thomas the Train on her little dvd player. We got to the museum and played outside on the big dinosaur for about 30 minutes then we went inside. Looked at some dinosaurs and some taxidermy then we went out to the outdoor section that had some rescued animals in what was supposed to be as close to their natural habitat as possible. There were fox, deer, lots of different birds and some otters. Soraya said the otters "kinda scared her a little bit." After that we headed back in to the basement where there is a "discovery zone" for kids to play with different science-y toys. Then it was off to the planetarium before heading home. It was a fun trip and I'm looking forward hitting up some more of the Cleveland museums. I didn't take my camera, I thought juggling two kids would be enough but I think I will try to take it next time.

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