Monday, February 9, 2009

Ooops! #2 - A Jacktastic Pooper last oops entry had to do with poo. So does this one but this time it is Jack instead of Soraya. I was letting Jack play in the buff know...air out his pieces...he was on one of those water proof mats so I just let him play in his room for a bit. I was walking thru the other bedrooms collecting trash and I went back in and Jack had pooped all over!!!!! And I mean all over! He of course rolled a few times first so that he was no longer on the mat, then pooped, then proceeded to roll around in it. It really looked like he went swimming in poo! So we threw him in the tub and I still have a big toy and one of his dresser drawers sitting on top of towels over the stain trying to lift it out of the brand new carpet!!

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  1. you should retitle your blog: our life in poo.