Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Great Wolf Lodge

Thanks again to following an academic calender, Chad had Friday off since he had finals this week. (He is half way done! Yipee!) So we took the opportunity to take our first ever family vacation. We decided at about 2:00 on Thursday afternoon and took off at 3:00 for The Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky Ohio. It was only a 1 hour 15 minute drive which is the perfect distance for a one night getaway. We got there about 4:15 and were in the pool by 4:30! They have an indoor waterpark where it was a muggy 86 degrees, it was wonderful! Soraya has never been a waterbaby, so she was timid at first but by time she left the pool at 6:30 she was running around in the water and going down the slides. So she was loving it.

We were a bit concerned about how everyone would sleep all in one room. We didn't know how well Raya would do...well she slept wonderful! Eleven hours straight without a was Jack who woke up every 1.5 hours all night long!!! What was that!? He didn't even do that as an only thought is that the 2 hours of swimming and activity were just way too stimulating for him because really every time he woke up he just wanted to play! Oh well. It was still fun.

Friday morning we were all up by 7. Had breakfast in our room and were at the "cub house" to play at 8. Went back to the room at 8:45 so Soraya and I could get our swim gear on and hit the pool at 9 while Chad stayed in the room to get Jack a nap. Soraya loved swimming ALL morning. We had to drag her out of the pool at 12:30 to head home. On the way to the car she asked..."swim one more time please??" She fell asleep holding her movie player on the way home because she was plum tuckered out.

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