Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jack's Eyes

Well, today was the big eye doctor appointment for the kids. It was a long, long day. We had to be on the road by 7:10, which meant waking the kids to get them out the door on time. My friend Halie went along to help me with the kids (HUGE lifesaver!) Not only did we have to deal with rush hour but there was also an accident to slow us down but we managed to get to our 8:30 appointment by 8:20 (they wanted new patients to arrive 30 min early! that didn't happen) So the doctor was actually pretty on time, we saw him by 8:50. He did some initial tests and determined that a patch would not fix Jack's eyes and that Soraya's eyes were perfectly straight. So they put drops in both kids eyes and we had to wait in a little waiting room for 50 minutes before the doctor was ready for us again. He did a few more tests and determined that Soraya's eye's were right on track. A tad farsighted, but that is to be expected for her age. He wants to see her again in a year, earlier than normal, because of her family history. Jack on the other hand....good news is he has good vision - wasn't near or farsighted. Bad news - since he wasn't farsighted glasses also would not correct his eyes. So the only option left is surgery. The doctor said it was perfect timing and great to get the surgery so young. So he is scheduled for surgery March 9th. I was pretty bummed, but at least we know what is going on now. Neither eye would look out toward the side. Like the left eye was looking straight and to the right but not to the left, he instead used the other eye to look over there. He physically could when the other eye was covered. But neurologically, he wasn't using both eyes together properly. So on March 9th we go downtown Cleveland to the Cleveland clinic for his eye surgery. It is an outpatient surgery, thank goodness!!! The procedure itself takes 20 minutes and we will have to be there about 1 1/2 hours before and after the surgery. The doctor also said 1/3 of children will also need a 2nd surgery and we won't know until later if that is necessary. So lets hope not!! But that's all. Oh yeah...then I managed to lock myself out of the house with the kids today...not fun...

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