Friday, September 4, 2009

The best little girl a mommy could ask for

I have the absolute best little girl a mommy could ask for. I had terrible neck pain the last few days, went to the chiropracter and was feeling better. Took the kids to the YMCA today, and while there it felt like I got a pinched nerve in my neck. My vision got all blurry and then came the headache.
We got home and everyone fed and I said let's go upstairs Soraya and get Jack ready for his nap. She said, then I can watch Sesame Street! I said, well actually you are going to go night-night when Jack does so that mommy can lay down too. I have a terrible headache. She said ok. Once upstairs she says, "mommy, if your neck hurts you should go back to the doctor. You know who will be there? Colin's daddy and he will make your head feel all better." (Our good friend Colin's dad is our chiropractor)
So I proceed to go in all the bedrooms (including mine) and shut the windows and close the blinds. I hear Soraya in her room say to Jack, "It's night night time buddy." She then starts cleaning up all of her toys. Jack pulled one back off the shelf and she got upset. So I went and got Jack and told him we were going to clean up his toys then he was going to bed. Then next thing I know I hear Soraya yell, "Night night mommy!" And she closes her door and hops in bed! I put Jack in bed then checked on her and sure enough she was in bed falling asleep.
What a darling! Some times I don't think I deserve such an wonderful daughter :)

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