Sunday, September 19, 2010

Menu Planning

So every Sunday I sit down and menu plan. It's not an option, it helps both our budget and my sanity! If I don't have much time I will just pick some of the old faithful recipes we tend to have frequently. If I have more time I will look for some new recipes in magazines or online.

I've gotten into the rhythm of cooking with 3 little ones, however my mornings are much more rushed than they used to be so if something needs started early in the day or thawed I often don't even give it a thought until the kiddos are down for their naps at 1. So I'm going to try to type out my menu plan on Sundays and type in some notes of when to start thawing or soaking something. We will see how this goes!

Monday - Cobb Salads
Notes: Start hard boiled eggs and chicken broth at lunch time

Tuesday - Chicken, rice and veggie in crock pot
Notes: Put dinner in crock pot in the am
Grind and soak flour for muffins

Wednesday -Chicken salad sandwiches and pasta salad (from Kiwi Mag.)

Thursday - Garlic lime shrimp with corn and black bean salad (from Kiwi Mag)
Notes: Grind and soak flour for pancakes

Friday - Tacos
Notes: Thaw beef in the am

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