Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Gorge

Well, after a rainy morning and a cranky Jack, I decided we needed a post afternoon nap excursion. So we packed a picnic dinner and headed out to The Gorge in Cuyogoga Valley National Park. We had never been thre before and thought it sounde like a nice adventure. Well, as soon as we go here we realized the trail leading to the gorge was 1. 3 miles. We knew the kids would never make it round trip. So we headed down the trail to the fishing dock. It wasn't too long of a walk and we arrived at the fishing dock. Soraya loved seeing all of the water!

After looking around for a bit we decided to head back toward the car to set up our picnic dinner. Everyone enjoyed their food. Jack had his favorite food, custard, and he just couldn't sit still!

After eating, Soraya wanted to see the fishing dock one more time so we put Jack in the backpack this time and took one final stroll. It was a fun adventure and when the kids are a little older we will certainly take the long hike to the Gorge!

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